Join us Saturday, February 24th from 1-4 pm to learn how to love your face! Using only makeup that is actually GOOD for your skin, Stacy McDonald will demonstrate how anyone can apply Savvy Minerals to make themselves look and feel AMAZING! Pamper yourself by joining us for a fun and educational experience!! And don’t forget… Read more »

When my sixteen-year-old daughter, Virginia Grace, came up with this amazing concoction, I was more than a little hesitant. I had a hard time imagining what all these flavors would taste like together. But I can personally vouch for this dish, and so can every single person who has come for dinner at our house to… Read more »

When our family began to purge our home of toxic chemicals, one thing I dearly missed using was my perfume collection! My husband used to travel the world on business. And, when he did, he would bring home all sorts of exotic perfumes for me. Encased in ornate bottles, I would display them on a… Read more »

The question was asked of me this morning…paraphrasing… “Are you saying essential oils help Christians overcome sinful patterns? Isn’t it the work of the Lord through the Holy Spirit that makes us more like Christ?” I’m glad she asked. Because I want to make sure God gets all the glory! I’d like to start by confirming… Read more »

Remember cinnamon tooth picks? We weren’t allowed to take them to school because someone might “hurt themselves,” which made them all the more precious. Soaked in fiery cinnamon, sucking on one of these toothpicks was kind of like eating red hots, without all the chemicals and nasty dyes. I decided, since I have pure, therapeutic-grade cinnamon… Read more »

Fast food burger made with beef from a feed lot or… Filet Mignon expertly prepared from organic, grass-fed beef? White flour sandwich bread smeared with margarine or… A crusty homemade, whole grain, sour dough loaf smothered in grass-fed, organic butter? Sweet-treat Fizzie Zonkers loaded with red dye and artificial sweeteners or…Dark Ecuadorian chocolate-covered organic almonds… Read more »

This is what we’ve been waiting for! Now we don’t have to choose between quality or beauty! Savvy Minerals is Young Living’s new all-natural makeup line and it’s amazing! It was formulated to include only the most pure and healthy ingredients, goes on smooth, contains no toxic chemicals, lasts all day, and provides great coverage! And,… Read more »

UPDATE: Shortly after the most recent posting of this recipe, Young Living launched our new Savvy Mineral Makeup line, which includes our Savvy Minerals Misting Spray! The recipe below does not replace the Misting Spray, which was specially formulated to work perfectly with our Mineral Makeup Line and is applied differently. You need this. No really. I… Read more »

Last night, I had the honor of teaching an online class to over 800 women on ways in which the gift of essential oils can be used to enhance, restore, and inspire couples in one of the holiest places in the world…the marriage bed. While I was focused on interacting with this amazing group of ladies,… Read more »

Whoa baby! If you’ve never experienced the intoxicating scent of pure rose essential oil, you have something amazing to look forward to! Rose (Rosa damascena) has a delicious, floral, and uplifting fragrance that stimulates feelings of romance and confidence! Considered the “Queen of Essential Oils,” rose oil has been treasured and used for well over a thousand years in beauty treatments,… Read more »