Try giving him chocolate this year! Valentine’s Day can be a fun and creative time to celebrate the scent-sual side of marriage! Couples with young children at home, or couples on a budget, can still get creative and have lots of fun! It doesn’t have to cost much! This easy recipe could be painted on the skin… Read more »

My friend, Tonya Chapa from Peppermint Posh, has a yummy treat for you today! You probably shouldn’t eat it, but you could. And once you smell the aroma, you will be tempted (and I won’t tell if you take a bite)! So gather your ingredients and join Tonya in making a batch of this scrumptious scrub…you may even want to… Read more »

My friend, Tonya Chapa, of Peppermint Posh is the queen of Pinterest-worthy DIY gifts! She agreed to join us here at the Common Scents Mom to share some of her favorite essential oil-infused creations! My hands are thanking her for this one! The cold air outdoors and the warm atmosphere inside sure does take its toll… Read more »

I adore making gift baskets! Mostly because I think it’s more fun and interesting to open all sorts of unique little surprises within a big basket than to open one big gift all at once! I love to watch while someone takes their time exploring each homemade item! And, regardless, when a gift is homemade, it just seems… Read more »

Since making my DIY all-natural deodorant stick, I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to come up with a recipe for those who prefer sprays. Though our deodorant stick worked great and came out beautifully, it was definitely somewhat time-consuming. Not because of the preparations, but because of the clean up (yeah, sometimes I’m lazy). Also,… Read more »

This month, I will be introducing all sorts of new DIY essential oil-infused gift ideas that you can make for friends and family! You can pack your concoctions into beautiful themed gift baskets, or you can simply make a small gift (like the dusting powder featured below) and give individually as a quick and easy (but heartfelt) gift-on-the-go! Either way, by the… Read more »

With all the reports about the questionable use of talcum powder, why not make your own body powder? It’s economical, natural, customizable, and easy! Package it in a cute tin, a glass jar, a sealed paper bag, or in a fancy salt or parmesan shaker with a raffia bow, and you have a great homemade gift!… Read more »

I am often asked where I get the cute little bottles and containers I use in my DIY projects. Based on my obsession with unique spoons, bottles, bowls, and baskets, I am probably considered a “container junky.” Here, I have compiled a few links to help you get started with your own obsession! With the holidays right around the… Read more »

  This recipe hardly needs an explanation. Moisturizing Winter Bath Soak 9 drops lavender essential oil 6 drops geranium essential oil 6 drops chamomile essential oil 4 drops frankincense 4 cups finely ground organic oats 1 cup powdered milk (optional) Where have these oils been all my life? With winter coming along, itchy, dry skin seems to… Read more »

Making your own tub scrub is easy and smellicious! You can choose from either recipe below, but I prefer the Thieves Household Cleaner version. In fact, read on to find out two cool methods for cleaning your tubs, sinks, and grout! Essential Oil DIY Tub Scrub: 1 cup baking soda 1/4 cup Thieves Dish Soap 10-20 drops of… Read more »