We all hope to have a rich and full life, but what happens when life seems a little too “full,” perhaps bursting? Our family has been in the midst of a very busy travel season over the past few months, visiting family and friends from coast to coast, and sharing our love for natural health and wellness, along… Read more »

From organic fruits and veggies to green clean products, most moms like to plan ahead for what their family needs to stay healthy and strong. That’s probably why I get this important question so often, “If I’m going all natural, which oils and products are the most important for me to start with?” Of course, I suggest everyone… Read more »

Wake Me Up! Out of all the essential oils we enjoy in our home, I think peppermint is the most commonly utilized. One of the reasons I’m so thankful for its popularity in the McDonald household is because it finally broke my husband of his dependence on garbage energy drinks and cheap coffee when we’re… Read more »

Learning about the amazing and powerful benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils is fascinating; but, it can also be overwhelming. One oil may have dozens of unique common uses, and trying to keep it all straight can, at times, seem daunting. However, once you have started building your own all-natural stash, and after a while of using your… Read more »

Try rubbing Peace and Calming on the bottom of your feet before bed or during stressful moments. When my youngest son was little, he liked to come into my room every evening, jump up on my bed, and put his feet in the air. “I’m ready for my peace and calming!” he would squeal! He loved… Read more »

Q: What are essential oils? A: Essential oils are liquid, volatile, organic compounds that come from the flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, and bushes that God gave us at Creation. These are aromatic oils which have been carefully extracted through steam distillation or cold expression; and, are highly concentrated. The fact that they are volatile means that… Read more »

15 Things to Know When You First Begin Using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils… YL oils labeled as “supplements” can be used internally. Click HERE to read what “therapeutic grade” means and why it’s so important. If you ever need to dilute an essential oil because of sensitive skin, and you don’t have a carrier… Read more »

Early this morning, my little man came into my room to tell me his legs were hurting again and asked if I had any oils for him. As much food as the child has been putting away every day, it’s no wonder he has normal growing pains! I got out my Deep Relief and we went… Read more »

Got Empty Bottles? The following article is a guest post by Crystal Sewell at Southern Scentsabilities. I have often wondered how to use the huge stock pile of empty essential oil bottles I’ve been saving. I love her ideas! I go through my Young Living Essential Oils rather quickly, and this leaves me with many… Read more »

I’ve been using essential oils for over a decade and I have learned to appreciate many of their amazing qualities. However, when I started using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, I was amazed by the difference in quality from the oils I had previously used. See  Safe or Toxic: How Much Do You Know about Essential… Read more »