God created us as physical and spiritual creatures and, as Christians, we know that all true healing ultimately comes from Him. We are fearfully and wonderfully made; and there is so much that we don’t yet know about the human brain, hormones, neurotransmitters, the immune system, and all the other intricacies that make up the… Read more »

Earlier this month, James and I won a trip to Hawaii with Young Living. Part of our adventure included a visit to Young Living’s newest partner farm, the Háloa Áina Sandalwood forest on the island of Kona. The owners of this farm have a very encouraging and God-honoring mission to restore Sandalwood to the Hawaiian… Read more »

Since the term “therapeutic grade” is not regulated by any independent group, what do I mean when I use the term? And what is the difference between the therapeutic grade essential oils provided by Young Living and other over-the-counter essential oils that claim to be “pure”? The distinction is crucial, since 90% of the essential… Read more »

Since God gave us the plants, herbs, and trees that He spoke into existence at Creation, it makes sense that copycat chemicals made in a laboratory can’t compare with the amazing nature of essential oils. It also explains why many pharmaceuticals, which attempt to copy what God made, often have such devastating side effects that… Read more »

Can you imagine soaking a cotton ball in formaldehyde and rubbing it on your face? How about antifreeze? Let’s add a bit of that to the baby’s bathwater! You might be surprised to find that your skin is by far the largest organ in your body, and what you put on it affects your mind… Read more »