Life has been crazy busy around here; so, please excuse my recent lack of posts! Speaking at conferences, marrying off children, and anticipating the birth of grandchildren…ah, life!

Speaking of grandchildren, my daughter, Tiffany made an “essential oil believer” out of her midwife during the recent birth of her daughter! After a long prodromal labor, her midwife gave me a call to update me on what was going on. She said she felt things were going slow because the baby was posterior. She asked me to pray and told me they were trying various positions to get the baby to turn, but nothing was working so far. I asked her if she had tried any essential oils.

Though she didn’t sound convinced, she seemed open to trying just about anything at this point. I told her I’d get right back with her, as I wanted to verify with a few other people which oil would work best. I called her right back and asked her to rub therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil on her lower back (Tiffany already had her birth “stash” of Young Living oils ready).

Within minutes, the midwife felt, with her own hands, the baby turning! And within an hour, a healthy 8 lb. 4 oz. baby girl was born into the world! Praise God!

Please rejoice with us on the birth of our beautiful granddaughter, who is yet unnamed. :-) Photos HERE

Click HERE to find out which oils Tiffany used for her birth stash!

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