The first time you order Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, you will be asked for my customer number and to choose between registering as a retail customer or a wholesale customer. You can CLICK HERE  now to get started and my number should pop in automatically.

Becoming a wholesale customer is similar to being a Costco or Sam’s member (without the yearly fee). All you have to do join YL is buy a starter kit. And the only thing you have to do to maintain your wholesale status is spend $50.00 per YEAR! It’s that easy!

After registering with me, you will be given your own customer number and you will use it to place all future orders.

Please note that you do not have to sell anything to be a wholesale customer!

SIGN UP TODAY as a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER AND get a FREE copy of the Essential Oil Pocket Reference. Get all the details HERE.

BUY WHOLESALE: If you would like to register as a wholesale customer (with no obligation to sell), either CLICK HERE to learn more about it, or click the GET STARTED NOW button and choose the “Independent Distributor” option. And again, if you purchase the Start Living with Everyday Oils kit, I will send you a powerful resource to help you learn how to use your essential oils!

BUY RETAIL: If you would like to simply order as a regular retail customer at this time, click the green button below, and choose the “Customer” option.

Again, don’t forget my customer #, as you will need it to register: 1137177