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Your Abundant Family!

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For years, many Christian families have rejected the 9-5 job model and pursued a family economy—one where a husband and wife work together, alongside their children, to develop an enterprise that supports the family and can be a blessing to future generations.

We know families who invested in organic farming, and now provide healthy food choices for a growing Young Hispanic Family Saying Prayers Before Meal At Homemarket. Others launched businesses that offered carpentry or sewing services, or sold handcrafted items. These families leveraged their resources to develop cottage industries that would free them from the grip of corporate America, in order to experience more unity as a family. Bravo!

Left Out

Beautiful woman with her son praying in the churchHowever, others longingly looked on in disappointment because their circumstances didn’t allow such a drastic change. Perhaps they didn’t have the cash to get started, didn’t have any marketable skills, maybe they were a single parent household, or a family where one of the spouses was disabled. Whatever the reason, the majority of people who heard the call, were unable to make it happen.

Some Lost it All

Of course, there were others who did take the risk, investing all their savings into a venture that eventually failed. They had a great idea, they had the money to invest, they had a great vision, and they had the passion; but they discovered the stark reality that only 10% of startup businesses succeed after the first ten years in operation.

And, in the end, some of these families were saddled with even more debt, and with even less time to enjoyMan calculating his bills while his family are on the sofa one another, as they tried to salvage what they could from their smoldering dreams.

Our Story

This is where James and I found ourselves a few years back. We had a zeal to help families thrive. So we started out by selling the same books and resources that had inspired our family. Then, we opened an online bookstore, which expanded into a brick and mortar store, a tea room, a brenhamgift shop, and speaking engagements around the country.

During that time, my husband left the corporate world and invested in an international magazine that we operated and published from home, offering articles designed to promote family discipleship and unity.

Yes, from our bedroom, often while nursing my babies, I edited articles, corresponded with dozens of writers, editors, and customers; and sometimes I cried. Alongside our children we prepared mass mailings that took over our dining room and lasted hours. Did I mention my husband pastored a church during this time?

We discovered we neither had enough hours in the day nor enough energy to keep up the pace. We also VirginiaGracePoutyFacedidn’t have the capital to see it succeed in the long run. While our businesses didn’t technically fail, they didn’t financially prosper either. Our family, our health, and our finances all suffered. In the end, we were left exhausted, with a mountain of business debt and shattered dreams.

A New Season

A few years later, during my husband’s pastorate in the Midwest, a family friend introduced me to an amazing product. It took some time to convince James; but he got on board once he realized they worked – and they paid for themselves with my occasional referral checks.

Eventually, we both saw a huge potential—one that gave us hope for our financial future. We were thrilled to Happy Couple in Autumn Park. Fall. Young Family Having Fun Outdoors. Yellow Trees and Leaves. Laughing Man and Woman outside. Freedom Concept.discover that not only could this venture get us out of debt and offer our family a residual income stream, it could also provide a way for us to leave something for our children, and to help others in the process.

Here was an opportunity that offered wellness, not only for us physically, but also emotionally, and financially. We could spend more time with our children and as a couple. It’s amazing how much stress financial bondage can cause!

This opportunity gave us a platform where we could continue to promote our vision for a family economy and for stronger households. It seemed our vision of Family Reformation could indeed come true! And I got to minister to women in more ways than one! Natural health had always been my passion, so I loved sharing!

Unlike our previous businesses, this was something we could launch without some huge financial investment, and with practically no risk. It was one that we could do on the side, without sacrificing our children or impacting my husband’s vocation. And even better, we wouldn’t be so exhausted by an unending effort to generate income that there wasn’t anything left for real life—abundant life!

Drum Roll!

I bet you’re wondering what this new business venture is, aren’t you? No secrets! We became independent distributors for Young Living Essential Oils, a company founded over 20 years ago by an essential oil expert Contestwho went on to pioneer the modern essential oil movement. Young Living’s exclusive Seed to Seal* guarantee makes these the only oils I trust to use on my children, or to put in or on my body. They are consistently the purest and most effective essential oils on the planet, bar none!

Young Living’s wellness products have not only supported our family’s physical wellbeing, they’ve also improved our emotional and financial health, as well! We were already using the products, so why not share about them?

Dropping the Chains of Debt

Young Living’s business model offers amazing income potential—a potential that provided residuals to retire our debt, the time and funds to finally take a relaxing family vacation, and the ability to invest in our children and in various ministries.**Financial Freedom sign with beach background

Are you excited yet? This is good news! And it’s a perfect fit for us as a Christian family! We’re talking about a business that isn’t all about us. In fact, the whole business model truly requires us to invest in the lives and strengths of others—to focus on helping other families succeed in every area of life.

Stories of Hope

The short video we just finished highlights just a few of the families we have been able to help. It gives us great joy to hear their stories, as well as the testimonials of so many others. We are thrilled to give you the work family signsopportunity to experience the same freedom and success that so many families around the globe are discovering. The potential is here! We have seen first hand the reality of success.

We will be posting more stories over the next few weeks and months from those who have joined our team and found similar abundance.

To get started, simply go to THIS PAGE and select one of our amazing premium starter kitsStarter KitWe will also send you a goodie package to help you learn more about the products, as well as the business opportunity. Launch your very own business with as little as $160 and virtually no monthly operating costs. If you have any questions, let us know HERE, or give us a call at 309-222-8780 – we will get right with you!

(If you were referred to this page by one of our Common Scents team members, please be sure to enroll with their member number and contact them directly).

Your Success is Our Goal!

We are here to support you! We want you to be successful in a business that unites your family.

If you have any questions, please feel free to fill out the consultation form on this page. Let us know a good A portrait of happy family in parktime to call you. We’re here to answer your questions!

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and it is no guarantee of success. If you simply want to refer a friend now and then, that’s totally fine! Many people start out that way and develop their business later. It’s all up to you!


Many Caucasian People And Hands Holding Red Letters Or Characters Building The Isolated English Word Your Success Is Our Goal On White Background

Once essential oils become part of your everyday life, you, as a distributor, have four choices:

  • No Income: Simply enjoy your oils, as well as your wholesale prices, and never tell a soul about them (Stingy!).
  • Side Income: Use essential oils in front of others and when they beg you to tell them about your oils, respond by giving them information and even sharing samples with them! You’ll naturally see a small extra revenue stream enter your household that will help you pay for your own oils, and maybe a little extra.
  • Moderate Income: Do all that it takes to earn the side income described above, but more. Start a website, create business cards, put up a Facebook page, and host a class or two; but, for the most part, wing it. Don’t bother planning or scheduling time to focus on your business. You’ll definitely see a decent income beginning to grow; but, remember, you have the potential for a…
  • Booming Business: Though the oils will often “sell themselves,” you’ll need to put forth a tangible effort to help others to see and experience their value. Be deliberate. Hold on to your hat… your income potential could be significant! Watch the video and schedule a call to find out more.

Happy family playing in the sunshine

You too can have a thriving family economy—you can live that abundant life now! And we are excited (and honored) to show you how!

Schedule a consultation today!

If you are ready to get started, please contact the person who shared this video with you!

“You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth.” (Deuteronomy 8:18)

* Click on the link to learn more about the Seed to Seal guarantee!

** Young Living’s 2013 Income Disclosure Statement

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To get started using therapeutic-grade essential oils with your family, I recommend purchasing Young Living’s amazing Premium Starter Kit & get personalized help from me! Click here to shop!

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