This is what we’ve been waiting for! Now we don’t have to choose between quality or beauty! Savvy Minerals is Young Living’s new all-natural makeup line and it’s amazing! It was formulated to include only the most pure and healthy ingredients, goes on smooth, contains no toxic chemicals, lasts all day, and provides great coverage! And,… Read more »

UPDATE: Shortly after the most recent posting of this recipe, Young Living launched our new Savvy Mineral Makeup line, which includes our Savvy Minerals Misting Spray! The recipe below does not replace the Misting Spray, which was specially formulated to work perfectly with our Mineral Makeup Line and is applied differently. You need this. No really. I… Read more »

Bad hair days. We’ve all had them. As a result, hair care products represent a multi-billion dollar industry! Women (and men) purchase more and more products hoping to have silky, smooth, luxurious hair. But often, the result is, you guessed it, more bad hair days. Could it be that we’re looking in the wrong place?… Read more »