from our friends

The Common Scents Team helped me to discover how Young Living can be a financially beneficial option for even a large family like mine, and that group support and teamwork go a long way. I have learned not only how to be a good leader and support my team, but how to also be an encouragement to those in need of more than just advice for building a business – but also spiritual support and caring.
Melissa Edens
I've personally benefited from Stacy’s book studies and "showing by doing" workshops. Freeing the mind frees the will! Common Scents is unique in its God-glorifying approach to oils and business. I appreciate the boldness and the vulnerability of James and Stacy for putting tough stuff out there.
Tina Roth
Through the prayerful coaching and guidance I received in the Common Scents Team, my leadership skills have grown in many different areas, and our business has grown with a strong and solid foundation. 
 They have a special way of lifting us up, enlightening us with their knowledge and experience, and building on our special talents and gifts! We are grateful to be a part of this vibrant, enthusiastic, and supportive team!
Susan Downer
Being a part of The Common Scents team has been such a benefit to my personal development as a leader, and as a Believer. Family First; Family Centered; No work on Sundays; network marketing being a vehicle to accomplish other things, as opposed to it being the end game; doing the right thing—we’ve been encouraged by their example to incorporate all of this into our team culture as well. It is a blessing to build under the leadership of like-minded individuals, and we so appreciate all of the encouragement we've received.
Derin and Katrina Stidd
The benefits of being a part of The Common Scents team first and foremost has been the blessing of having true believers as leaders. For our family, our faith comes first, and knowing we can trust our leaders is crucial to having a successful business built on the Word of God. And I guess this is also what makes this group unique, the fact that it is not built on just making money, but on serving as Christ called us - by seeking to help all those in need. I also like the fact that they have a lot of kids! They understand the needs of busy families!
Nellie Moldovan
I have been so blessed to be a member of the Common Scents team! I enrolled on a whim and had no idea the importance of "upline". I'm so grateful I hit the jackpot by joining the right team! I haven't needed a lot of hand holding, but when I have, I've gotten the support I needed every time. When things get difficult, I know I can trust Stacy to listen, coach, and always have my back. Thank you so much for your leadership and your love!
Lori Borre
We’re so thankful for the Common Scents Team! We joined Young Living on the basis of their demonstrated integrity and our respect for them. It was through this team that we learned new ways to help our family support our wellness and because of their leadership we are realizing our dream of abundance!
Lori and David Cody
Joining the Common Scents Team turned out to be way more than I expected. I found a fellowship of likeminded busy moms like me. Not only did I gain some tools for keeping my family healthy, this introverted mom of many has learned to speak to small groups, made amazing friends all over the world, and otherwise gotten out from under the comfortable rock I was living under, all while building a residual income that will bless us in our retirement. I'll always be grateful.
Carolyn Young