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dream job


Most families are separated during the work day, whether or not they want to be. Dad goes off to work. Maybe mom does too. If mom stays home with the children, there is often a harsh financial sacrifice.

But, what if your family could stay home and work together on a family business? What if you could do it without some huge financial investment, and without hours and hours of time and focus? What if mom could get it started by basically doing what she’s doing anyway (using and talking about her essential oils), and dad could help in the background if he wanted to – until her business started to get real and he decided he could come home and help her become more deliberate? Yeah. Really.

How I Got Started

In 2010, when a friend sent me my first sample of oils, I discovered the huge difference between the essential oils I had been using and Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. I was blown away by that difference. I had always assumed all oils were basically the same; but, the amazing results we began to experience proved me wrong!

Young Living oils are so pure and so expertly grown and distilled…this is what made the difference! We used them for everything! My husband stopped calling them my “snake oils” and started (sheepishly) asking me what oil would work for whatever his needs were! Ha!

But, beyond the health benefits, we discovered that God had more in store for us! He not only wanted us to use the oils for ourselves, He also expected us to share what we had discovered with others! And, in the process, we found that Young Living could be a source of income for us, as well as for our family and friends!

A stay-at-home mom's dream business

As a homeschooling mom and pastor’s wife, I was convinced that I didn’t have time to “sell” anything. So, I resisted the business aspect of Young Living for quite a while. I simply used my oils and wrote about them on my blog.

At first, I just earned enough to cover the cost of my oils, plus a little extra; but, as I became more deliberate with my sharing habits (offering samples, giving gifts, talking, teaching, and writing about the oils etc.), it became clear that I was building a growing, thriving organization.

Helping Others

And it only got better! Other homeschooling and stay-at-home moms—moms who absolutely loved their oils—started to contact me with questions about how to make Young Living a home business. Some of them had already “accidentally” earned their first paychecks too, and they were ready to become more deliberate. Others were interested more out of necessity—they needed more income in their households for various reasons (husband’s layoff, medical needs etc.).

Before I knew it, James and I had a strong, growing group of leaders in our organization who were in turn establishing their own strong leaders. And we continued to grow…like crazy! 

Stay-at-home Daughters

Six of our daughters established businesses in our organization while still living at home before marriage (five are now married). It was a wonderful way for them to earn an income from home—an income they have been able to take into their marriages. And all that they learned about essential oils has proven to be an invaluable tool to them in their own families. Our son and daughter-in-law are also successful brand partners in Young Living.

We have been able to help our children build—we have worked on it together as a family. Even some of our youngest children loved sharing with others how much the oils help them!


Which makes it ideal for helping your children to establish their own businesses—a business that is ultimately tied to your business, making it easy to invest in their success. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Eight of our adult children have now established businesses in our organization. Some are thriving and others are just getting started, but they all have reachable goals; and we’re able to invest in their success in a way that also helps us to reach our own personal goals for the future! Meet our distributor children…

The McDonald VI Family, Young Living Golds
The Blanchard Family, Young Living Executives
The Hector Family,
Young Living Golds
The Sanford Family, Young Living Senior Stars
The Guenther Family, Young Living Silvers
Abigail McDonald, Young Living Silver

Reasons to Consider a Home Business
with Young Living

Whether you’re simply interested in earning extra income or your family is ready to work hard to establish a thriving Young Living business, I am here to help you get started!* Click here to set up a Free Consultation and I will contact you with more information!

*Remember that everyone’s experience will be different. Success in any endeavor is not guaranteed; but is dependent upon hard work, timing, talent, opportunity, and God’s blessing.