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Most people are pretty surprised to find out how easy it is to get started!.

1. Become a Brand Partner – This costs you a whole $1. All you have to do to become a Brand Partner is order a Business Essentials Kit HERE. Boom!

2. Once that’s done, you can start sharing with friends right away using your referral link! (Watch a video to show you how HERE). 

Or create a wishlist and share a customized bundle that populates their cart and adds your member number automatically! Watch a video to show you how to make wishlists HERE.

3. There are all sorts of commissions, bonuses, and incentives you can earn, but to keep it simple, for now let’s focus on your first 3 months of sharing.

What to Share First!

Young Living has a number of starter kits for people to select from, including our new Make a Shift Kits, making getting started very customizable. However, since the Premium Starter Bundle has such a good selection (12, to be exact) of our favorite (and most powerful) oils and blend, I typically recommend this kit for people getting started. So, for the sake of an easy demonstration, let's say this is going to be your focus too.


When you share Young Living with a friend, and they use your referral number or link to order products, you will earn 50% of whatever they order their first month. They are now officially your customer!

If they chose to order a Premium Starter Bundle, you also earned an additional $25 bonus!


You will earn 25% of whatever they spend their second month.

If they turn around and share Young Living with a friend, not only will they earn all the same commissions you just did, but you will earn 10% of their sale. This continues into the third month (and later, you’ll keep earning, but we’ll discuss those details another time).


You will earn 25% of whatever they order their third month.

So, let’s say your friend Lindsay was over at your house and she watched you grab your oils to help your 3-year-old after he came inside crying with a boo boo.

Lindsay became interested, which led to a heartfelt conversation where you helped her to realize you have real answers to her family’s real needs!

Lindsay decides to get a Premium Starter Bundle which has a value of 100 pv. You will earn 50% of that. But that’s not all!

You’ll also earn a $25 bonus. And that’s still not all! Lindsay saw you spray Claraderm on your son’s knee and wants some of that too (you’ll also earn 50% of this).

And that’s still not all because Lindsay is ready to detox her home! She decides she needs the Thieves Make a Shift kit, so she can get the chemicals out of her home that have been giving her headaches and messing up her hormones! 

So Lindsay makes the PSB her very first Loyalty order, and decides to put the Thieves Make a Shift kit onto the following month’s Loyalty order. Now she’s earning points and qualifying for freebies! Lindsay is so happy!

Finally, for her third month’s order, she decides to use the skin care wishlist you shared with her, so she can get the products on your beauty protocol (since it’s apparently causing you to age backwards – her words)! 

How much will you earn from this sale? It’s hard to say because Carol is probably going to go home and tell all her friends too, so you will both be earning from her efforts! But just from her first three orders alone, if things went as described in this fictional story, you’ll have earned a whopping $267.50 just for sharing out loud!

And you just may have changed someone’s life! Good for you!

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To get started using therapeutic-grade essential oils with your family, I recommend purchasing Young Living’s amazing Premium Starter Kit & get personalized help from me! Learn more here.

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