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Hello! Welcome to The Common Scents Mom! I’m a Christian mom, grandmommy, author, essential oil enthusiast, hopeless foodie, and Royal Crown Diamond in Young Living. I’m hooked on fresh herbs, exotic spices, flavored vinegars, and therapeutic grade essential oils. What rocks my world? My family! What gives my life meaning, joy, and purpose? Jesus!

I began using essential oils in 2001 because I wanted to make my own natural perfume and bath products. However, it wasn’t until March 2010 after joining Young Living that I began to experience the powerful benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils. Before that, although I was known as the “health guru” in our community, I hadn’t realized there was such a powerful difference, and that pure, therapeutic grade oils, when expertly grown and distilled, had the potential to do so much more than just smell good!

In January 2011, while my husband still joked about my “snake oils,” I launched The Common Scents Mom. Read about my Life After Exhaustion here.

In the early days, I simply viewed teaching about essential oils as an extension of my ministry to other women; I wanted them to be equipped to take control of their own health, and to be able to minister to their families naturally. I had no interest in a business.

Read up on Young Living’s Income Disclosure Here.

But, soon, the oils began to sell themselves. As others discovered how well they worked, word spread, and I began to receive what I have referred to as “accidental” paychecks. I liked the idea of affiliate links and “referral” checks, but I still didn’t see the potential ahead.

Soon, with some encouragement from my husband, I became more deliberate with my business and it began to explode! I loved equipping and teaching women with ways they could detox their lives and care for their own families. Women were eager to take control of their own health, and breaking free from an unhealthy over-dependence on modern medicine and pharmaceutical companies.

Eventually, my husband, James, stopped calling my oils “snake oils” and started asking me, “Do you have an oil for this?” He was hooked. Soon, he started helping me with my website, supporting me in planning larger events, watching kids while I taught local and online classes, helping me to strategize and maximize the compensation plan, and even fielding customer service questions.

A few years later, he retired and became more involved in my business. His high energy and extroverted personality helped push me and stretch me in ways I probably needed. He often called himself my “tech guy,” as he worked behind the scenes to support me in building an organization that helps thousands of families experience renewed health and emotional freedom!

Stress, toxic chemicals, unnecessary drugs, poor eating habits, and financial hardship all contribute to poor health. The Young Living lifestyle was a game changer on so many levels!

October 2014 – hit the rank of Diamond

March 2017 – hit the rank of Crown Diamond

November 2018 – Royal Crown Diamond!

You can take control of your own health and establish a mindset for success in all of life! Our physical, emotional, and spiritual health are crucial to meeting that goal. Find out how this can be you!

Here you’ll find information and tips on using essential oils in your everyday living. When God created the herbs, flowers, trees, and shrubs, He blessed us with powerful essential oils that can be used in cooking, promoting health and wellness, cleaning, scenting the home, massage, relaxation, fighting germs, romance, bonding, and dealing with emotions. I can’t wait to share with you some of what I’ve learned!

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