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At wholesale prices


Becoming an essential oil wholesale member is quick and easy and gives you an instant 24% wholesale discount on hundreds of products!

Some of you are wholesale members at Sam’s or Costco, so you understand the benefits associated with wholesale buying. However, with Young Living, unlike Costco or Sam’s Club, you don’t have to pay a registration fee to join!

Forget about a yearly renewal! As long as you spend at least 50 pv (approx. $50.00) during the year, you’ll maintain your wholesale status! It’s that easy! No selling. No monthly requirements. No headaches!

All you have to do to get wholesale prices is order your Premium Starter Kit. It’s that simple!

$165 gets you...

12 basic oils

Twelve practical, therapeutic-grade essential oils from the most trusted source in the world, Young Living!

Samples galore

1 oz. Thieves® Spray, 1 oz.Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier, 2 NingXia Red® samples, roller fitments, & more.

ultrasonic diffuser

1 ultrasonic diffuser of your choice (see cost breakdown below)

24% off

wholesale pricing on all of Young Living’s incredible products!

Lavender – Relaxation, skin, soothing babies, complexion, scenting linens and pillows, bath, diffusing, , scenting stationary, sleep, childbirth, aromatherapy

Frankincense – Relaxing, complexion, soothing, skin, prayer, anointing, foot soak, babies, childbirth, homework, diffusing

Panaway® – Sore muscles, chest rub, soothing to the temples, exercise, occasional head or neck tension

Citrus Fresh – Mental clarity, carpet freshener, diffuser, freshen refrigerator, shoes

Raven™ – Cooling, breathing, chest rub, winter necessity

Stress Away™ – Enough said

Lemon Vitality™ – Mental clarity, relaxing, cooking, beverages, immune support, recipes, throat

Peppermint Vitality™ – Digestion, beverages, recipes, clear thinking, driving, study, breathing, exercise, childbirth, throat

Digize Vitality™ – Digestion. You. Are. Welcome.

Valor®– Massage, focus, clarity, boldness

Thieves Vitality® – Immune support, winter necessity, breath, teeth, #1 selling blend

Peace & Calming®– Sleep, relation, massage, babie

DON’T lose money! As a wholesale member, the most economical way to purchase your essential oils and products is through the Essential Rewards (ER) Program. There is NO fee to join and NO obligation to continue – totally worth it in every way!


But here’s the best part of ER! This money-saving program will earn you points for FREE products each month, as well as appreciation gifts! You’ll also enjoy exclusive treatment and extra savings, including discounted shipping! Don’t waste that opportunity! It may also help you to qualify for Young Living’s monthly promos each month! Earning points for things like Thieves Household Cleaner, all-natural toothpaste, soap, skin care products etc. makes total sense!

In addition, when you choose the Premium Starter Kit, I will personally send you a WELCOME PACKAGE filled with all sorts of helpful and valuable goodies. I do this because I want you to be well-equipped! Your oils won’t do you much good unless you know how to use them!

If you’re serious about using essential oils, you need to have enough oils and blends to experiment with! And you need to begin collecting reference materials, so that you can feel confident choosing the best oils to use for your family’s various needs. Learn to do your own research! There are so many wonderful ways to use essential oils!

Young Living’s Premium Starter Kits represents over $300 worth of oils and products that will be a great blessing to your family. But, depending upon which premium starter kit you order, the cost of the kit is as low as…$160! (You get to choose your kit based on your favorite diffuser or products)

That’s right, by simply securing a $165 starter kit (or upgrade), you will be able to purchase your future oils at exclusive wholesale prices! How cool is that?

How to order

1. Select Member Type

Select the “Member” membership type (this choice allows you to get discounted pricing and it qualifies you for the potential of referral commissions. Choosing this type of membership does not obligate you to ever sell products or refer anyone to Young Living. Ever.

2. Enter my info

Enter my Young Living member number: 1137177 into both the enroller and sponsor fields (this should pop in automatically)

3. Enter Your Country

Enter your country & language and hit “continue”

4. Choose your starter kit

Choose the Premium Starter Kit of your choice, which will qualify you for a fun welcome packet from me!

5. Enter your shipping & payment

Fill out your shipping & payment information. Click “I agree” to the terms and conditions, and click “Agree and Continue”

6. Your Special Account Info

Once you’ve completed this process, you will have created a special pin number be given your own member number, which will allow you to start shopping with wholesale prices immediately. Write down these credentials in a special place for future use.

Bonus Step

At this point, I recommend you sign up for Essential Rewards, so that you can earn FREE oils and enjoy discounted shipping every month!

I’m Here for You!

Feel free to email me (or PM me on Facebook) at any time if you have any questions with the sign up process – I am here for you! After you receive your starter kit, please contact me to set up a “welcome” consultation! I want to get to know you, so that I can help you on your essential oil journey!