Emotional bonding, relationship healing, phenols, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, cell memory, receptor sites, oxytocin, the amygdala…how might all these things be related? We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made! The limbic system in the brain supports many brain functions we take for granted: adrenaline stimulation, behavior, motivation, olfaction (sense of smell), and long term memory. This intricate system,… Read more »

Making tub tea sachets is fun, easy, and inexpensive! They can be used for the bathtub, a foot bath, the dryer, lingerie drawers, and the list goes on! You could even throw one into an envelope to mail to a friend! Join my daughter, Abigail, and me as we show you how to make your own… Read more »

Island music, fresh papaya, soul-warming sunshine, breathtaking waterfalls and seascapes, and the scent of lush, tropical greenery, salty ocean, and coconut oil…we celebrated all five of our senses on our trip to Hawaii! God is so gracious to have given man the ability to experience life in ways that stir our emotions to such depths. It’s… Read more »

Join The Common Scents Mom and learn how to make Scented Love Letters with essential oils! Of course, becoming a wholesale customer is definitely the most cost effective way to purchase therapeutic grade essential oils! And, through February 28th, every new wholesale customer who purchases a premium Start Living Kit (or spends 100 PV their… Read more »

Sleep Tight: Make Your Own Pillow Spray from James McDonald on Vimeo. Emma and I had fun making pillow spray in this video! I love using this easy-to-make spray on the kids’ bedding and on guest towels when people stay the night! We used the Peace and Calming blend, which my kids love to rub… Read more »

If you aren’t using Essential Rewards (ER) to place your Young Living orders, you are losing money! If you’re like me, every penny counts, and you like to budget for what you need each month. So, as a thrifty mom, I figured you’d want to know the most economical way to stock up on your… Read more »