When my sixteen-year-old daughter, Virginia Grace, came up with this amazing concoction, I was more than a little hesitant. I had a hard time imagining what all these flavors would taste like together. But I can personally vouch for this dish, and so can every single person who has come for dinner at our house to… Read more »

If you’ve never tasted creamy, homemade mayonnaise, then I’m about to ruin store-bought mayo for you forever! You can use this version in a variety of recipes that I’ll be posting later – including a Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing that you won’t want to pass up! The good news is that this is not only way healthier than… Read more »

“Put the lime in the coconut and drink ’em bot’ together Put the lime in the coconut, then you’ll feel better…” Harry Nilsson (Listen HERE) Who says you can’t have soup in the summer? This amazing Thai-inspired summer masterpiece (Tom Kha Gai) is a wonderfully delicious way to enjoy soup all year round – no matter… Read more »

We McDonalds have been making (chicken) bone broth since way before bone broth was cool. We called it “chicken pickin’.” And chicken pickin’ sort of evolved into bone broth. You see, in the McDonald household, “Chicken Pickin’” was a highly valued family tradition. Basically, it was the time when children (especially those who looked like they needed a “job”)… Read more »

18 boiled eggs (preferably free-range) 1 C. homemade mayo (bottled often uses “bad oils,” so use my recipe HERE) 1 T. mustard 1 avocado 2 T. fresh squeezed lemon juice 1 tsp. dried tarragon (reconstitute in the lemon juice first) Himalayan sea salt White pepper 2 cans wild caught tuna (optional) 2 drops Young Living… Read more »

Among the many things I am reminded to be thankful for at Thanksgiving is the gift of aromatics. And, during this season, there are plenty of delicious scents to enjoy! If you’ve ever had a cold, you probably noticed that the loss of your sense of smell had a huge impact on your sense of… Read more »

Most people expect prepared pecans to be super sweet or candied, but I love this savory version! It’s wonderful served with aged cheese and crackers, alongside a bundle of grapes! You will love the warm scent of rosemary diffusing through your kitchen! This would make a wonderful appetizer on Thanksgiving Day, or as an evening snack… Read more »

This is one of my very favorite high protein snacks – and it’s good for you too! It’s perfect to have on hand if you’re pregnant or nursing and can’t seem to find the time for a healthy snack during the day. Serve it for guests, for your kiddos, or for the hungry hubby who… Read more »

Ingredients: 3 globe eggplants ¾ C. chopped parsley 6 T. extra virgin olive oil 6 T. Tahini 6 fresh garlic cloves 2 teaspoon ground cumin or dill 5 T. fresh lemon juice 2-4 drops Young Living lemon essential oil 2-3 tsp. sumac Salt and cayenne pepper to taste Oil eggplant, poke holes in skin, and… Read more »

This fun “Sugar Dust” is great to give as a party favor, a hostess gift, or placed into bowls for tea and coffee at dessert time! It’s also a great addition to any gift basket! Again, remember to only use Young Living essential oils, since lower quality oils can be toxic! Sugar Dust 1 C…. Read more »