Wake Me Up!

Out of all the essential oils we enjoy in our home, I think peppermint is the most commonly utilized. One of the reasons I’m so thankful for its popularity in the McDonald household is because it finally broke my husband of his dependence on garbage energy drinks and cheap coffee when we’re on long road trips. Now, he drinks (and adamantly prefers) pure Spring water with a couple of drops of peppermint in it! It keeps him alert and refreshed on those late night road trips! In addition, he uses it during the day while he’s studying and writing his sermons. He even uses it on our all-day Sundays at church instead of visiting the coffee station multiples times! Yay for peppermint!

Headache Pain

In addition, I once developed a throbbing headache while on an airplane. Once we landed, I could barely talk above a whisper because of the pain in my head. My oils were packed in my suitcase and I didn’t want my grandsister (a friendly name for my daughter’s mother-in-law, Jean) and her family to have to wait while I dug through my suitcase in the airport, so I got in the van prepared to suffer. I recall someone giving me the privilege of choosing where we’d eat lunch, and because of the pain, the thought of eating made me nauseous.

Once Jean realized I was really hurting, she mentioned that she had some Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils in her purse. I didn’t think a common little oil like peppermint would do much, but I was desperate. I rubbed some of the oil on my forehead, behind my neck, and on my temples, and into my hairline. Within less than a minute my headache was completely gone. I remember shaking my head around, seeing if the pain was really gone. I couldn’t believe it!

Now, I will say, I’ve used it during other headaches with no results, so I really think it must depend on what kind of headache you have. Perhaps my headache that day was a pressure headache from the airplane. My son came to me one day saying his ears had been “popped” all day, and he couldn’t hear very well. It was really irritating him. We put some peppermint oils on the spot right in front of his ears and right behind them (never place essential oil in the ear canal) and he felt a light “pop.” It worked! He could hear fine!

Peppermint also works great when our family has congestion issues. We use peppermint by drinking a few drops in water or tea, placing a drop “neat” on the roof of the mouth, or rubbing it (you can dilute in olive oil) on temples and around sinus area (be sure not to get in eyes). Peppermint oil is also known to reduce fever in some people.

The Many Uses of Peppermint Oil

Here are a few other ways we use Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils in our home:

  • Congestion (D, I, T)
  • Coughs (D, I, T)
  • Fever reducer (I, T)
  • Immune Booster – first sign of illness (I, T)
  • Stomach Upset (I, T)
  • Motion sickness (I, T)
  • Tendonitis Pain (T)
  • Hunger control (I, T
  • Foot bath (mix with Epsom salts) (T)
  • Bad Breath (I)
  • Tea or Flavored Ice Water (I)
  • Cooking/Baking (I)
  • Turning a posterior baby during childbirth (T)

Internally (I) – (usually 1 or 2 drops mixed with liquid or food)*

Topically (T) Massaged into the skin, usually the feet or other appropriate areas. Not for sensitive areas. Use either “neat” (undiluted) or mixed with a carrier oil.

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*Do not use essential oils internally unless they are “therapeutic grade;” since so many oils that claim to be “pure” are actually quite toxic. I only recommend Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils that are labeled as “supplements” to be used internally. Essential oils are your friends, but they are powerful. Take the time to learn how to use them safely and effectively.

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