You need this. No really. I think I’m addicted. Pamper yourself and hydrate your skin at the same time! A hydrating beauty mist can keep your face looking dewy and fresh, without that powdery, caked-makeup look! And, with the addition of the right essential oils, your skin can look smoother, brighter, and alive! First, cleanse… Read more »

When your husband says, “Honey, it looks like you had a difficult day; what can I do to help you relax?” Hand him this recipe with a little wink! And of course, when he walks in the door after a long, hard day at work, remember your home is his refuge. Now you can make… Read more »

These are some of the easiest and useful homemade essential oil recipes you can make. Your kids will have a blast helping out with these! Use the recipes below to relax, to sooth sore muscles, to nourish dry skin, or to make a fun and unique gift for a friend! And don’t forget to get creative…. Read more »

Play Time! The marriage bed is like a playground! It’s a place to make memories and have fun together. A place to sometimes get hot and sweaty and run through the sprinkler, but also a place to experience emotional release, sunshine, comfort…bliss! More than anything though, it’s a place to “become one.” The Brain: The Most Important Part… Read more »

Remember cinnamon tooth picks? We weren’t allowed to take them to school because someone might “hurt themselves,” which made them all the more precious. Soaked in fiery cinnamon, sucking on one of these toothpicks was kind of like eating red hots, without all the chemicals and nasty dyes. I decided, since I have pure, therapeutic-grade cinnamon… Read more »

Making tub tea sachets is fun, easy, and inexpensive! They can be used for the bathtub, a foot bath, the dryer, lingerie drawers, and the list goes on! You could even throw one into an envelope to mail to a friend! Join my daughter, Abigail, and me as we show you how to make your own… Read more »

12 drops Young Living Therapeutic Grade Lavender 6 drop Young Living Therapeutic Grade Frankincense 2 drops Young Living Therapeutic Grade Copaiba 2 oz. Quality Aloe Vera Juice (keep refrigerated) 2 oz. glass or stainless steel spray bottle. Shake together well and store in a dark glass spray bottle. I only trust Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential… Read more »

This recipe is great for a hostess, teacher, or “just because” gift. Or include it in a winter-comfort gift basket, along with dried soup, a mug, cinnamon sticks, and an organza bag filled with Thieves lozenges! 1/2 C Honey (preferably raw, local honey)* 1/4 C. Brandy 10 Drops Young Living’s Lemon Essential Oil 6 Drops Young… Read more »

Bad hair days. We’ve all had them. As a result, hair care products represent a multi-billion dollar industry! Women (and men) purchase more and more products hoping to have silky, smooth, luxurious hair. But often, the result is, you guessed it, more bad hair days. Could it be that we are looking in the wrong… Read more »

Try giving him chocolate this year! Valentine’s Day can be a fun and creative time to celebrate the scent-sual side of marriage! Couples with young children at home, or couples on a budget, can still get creative and have lots of fun! It doesn’t have to cost much! This easy recipe could be painted on the skin… Read more »