Play Time! The marriage bed is like a playground! It’s a place to make memories and have fun together. A place to sometimes get hot and sweaty and run through the sprinkler, but also a place to experience emotional release, sunshine, comfort…bliss! More than anything though, it’s a place to “become one.” The Brain: The Most Important Part… Read more »

Making tub tea sachets is fun, easy, and inexpensive! They can be used for the bathtub, a foot bath, the dryer, lingerie drawers, and the list goes on! You could even throw one into an envelope to mail to a friend! Join my daughter, Abigail, and me as we show you how to make your own… Read more »

Whoa baby! If you’ve never experienced the intoxicating scent of pure rose essential oil, you have something amazing to look forward to! Rose (Rosa damascena) has a delicious, floral, and uplifting fragrance that stimulates feelings of romance and confidence! Considered the “Queen of Essential Oils,” rose oil has been treasured and used for well over a thousand years in beauty treatments,… Read more »

Try giving him chocolate this year! Valentine’s Day can be a fun and creative time to celebrate the scent-sual side of marriage! Couples with young children at home, or couples on a budget, can still get creative and have lots of fun! It doesn’t have to cost much! This easy recipe could be painted on the skin… Read more »

As some of you may already know, the 2012 Product Guides are not yet in (they are scheduled to be in before this summer). In the meantime, please feel free to click on the image below and print the 2012 Price List and keep it on hand for easy reference:          

When you find something that you love to do—something that hardly feels like work because you enjoy it so much, you have found a treasure! Motherhood is like that. And, I have found that, for me, essential oils are like that too! Turning my love for essential oils into a home business has been a… Read more »

The Common Scents Mom Wants You…to VOTE! The entries are in and the photos are posted below! Vote for your favorite photo by commenting and telling us why you like it! Be as creative as you like! And don’t forget to visit the website of the contestants who have links below. Ask them why they’re… Read more »