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When our family began to purge our home of toxic chemicals, one thing I dearly missed using was my perfume collection! My husband used to travel around the world on business. And, when he did, he would bring home all sorts of exotic perfumes for me, encased in ornate bottles that I would display upon a mirrored tray in our bedroom. I still have many of them displayed; though, now,  mostly for decoration.

The more I learned about the way our skin absorbs so much of what we put on it, getting into the blood stream and wreaking havoc upon our health and hormones, the more I desired to find an alternative. With that in mind, instead of using perfumes that contained harmful chemical extenders and synthetic scents, I wanted to make my own perfumes using therapeutic grade essential oils.

At first, most of my perfuming attempts all seemed to smell the same – probably because I always chose my same favorite oils. However, I finally found a recipe I loved!

Actually, my daughter is the one who found it. She discovered a recipe online, tweaked it a bit, and made it as a cologne for my husband for Father’s Day. But I loved it so much, I started wearing it too! At first, my husband complained, but when I explained to him that it smelled different on each of us because of our different body chemistries, he warmed up to the idea. Now, instead of our colognes clashing, they blend together nicely. Just like us.

I also use this blend in my “scent-sual massage” oil recipe, but it makes a wonderful cologne as well. I add a drop of myrrh or frankincense to extend the scent and to deepen and “fix” the cologne. Feel free to experiment!

Scent-sual Secrets

30 drops cedarwood
20 drops clary sage
10 drops ylang ylang
6 drops patchouli
1 drop myrrh or frankincense
2 oz. – sweet almond or jojoba oil

Store in a dark glass bottle in a dark place for two weeks to blend and intensify the scent. A roll on bottle works well for this perfume, but if you want to make it into a spray, use vodka and water, instead of the carrier oil.

REMEMBER: The perfume you wear actually enters your body’s system, so I only recommend health-promoting Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Many lower quality oils can actually be toxic. See:  Safe or Toxic? How Much Do You Know about Essential Oils?