Garden of Prayer

God gave us our five senses for a reason. During communion we taste the water and the wine. He could have made everything taste the same, but He chose to give us hundreds of different plants and animals to enjoy, and He designed us with the creativity to find delicious ways to prepare them.

He could have given us a bland, boring landscape to look at, but instead he made a beautiful world filled with color, shape, and texture.

He could have made us to communicate telepathically or in monotone. But He not only gave us voices to communicate with one another, and sing His praise, He created a world buzzing with sound! Birds that sing, oceans that roar, thunder that cracks, and children who laugh when they play!

He could have created us without nerve endings, making us immune to pain, but He wanted us to feel the grass under our feet, the warm feel of a cozy fire, and the breath of our newborn babies.

And He could have created a world without scent – or at least without making so many delicious aromas for us to enjoy. He gave us an amazing gift when He blessed us with with the plants and trees at Creation. Adam and Eve enjoyed a beautiful and fragrant existence in the Garden of Eden, surrounded by the therapeutic aromas of hundreds of plants, trees, and flowers.

And, inside each of those aromatic plants, He locked a precious gift—the gift of essential oils. He created the plants this way for our benefit! In Psalm 104:14, we’re told that God made the plants and trees (literally) for the “service of man!”

About ten years ago, I started placing a drop of one of the oils of Ancient Scripture on a page from my Bible. That way, whenever I sat down to have my quiet time, it triggered a feeling of sacredness – a time set apart.

Of course, whether or not my Bible smells like ancient oils, it’s just as special and sacred because it’s God’s living Word! But I love that while I’m communing with God, I can smell the plants and oils He made at Creation, just like Adam and Eve did when they walked with Him in the Garden before the Fall.

So my Misting Spray recipes are designed for you to do something similar. Just spritz the pages of your Bible and enjoy the distinct aroma every time you have your quiet time. I suggest only using this recipe for your Bible, so that your body is gently triggered into a posture of prayer and biblical focus when you smell it.

Another blend I like to make is super easy to remember. If you have the Ancient Oils of Scripture Collection, you simply use one drop of each oil (except Cassia). I leave Cassia out because it usually steals the show and dominates the whole thing.

Either blend makes a beautiful pillow spray too. So you could use one for your Bible and the other for your pillow. Enjoy!

Click HERE or on any of the images to order the oils contained in the recipes. If you order through me, and you’re a brand new customer, please let me know and I’ll send you a free Bible Mist glass spray bottle like the one featured in this post.


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