Great news! I am willing to give up my sealed 15 ml bottle of the precious (and currently out-of-stock) essential oil blend, Valor, to a very special person! Are you that special person? Here’s how you can win this highly sought-after Young Living blend* Also, I plan to throw in a few other goodies that I’ll announce later on Facebook! So fun!

Between now and August 31, you will have the opportunity to earn Common Scents Points. Points can be earned in any of the three following ways:

1. For each member you enroll in the Essential Rewards program between now and August 31, you will earn one point. This can include current people in your organization who weren’t already on ER or brand new enrollees. If they enroll at or above the 100 pv level, that counts as two points.

2. For every ten “care calls” you make (leaving a message on an answering machine doesn’t count) to members in your organization, you will earn one point. (Ask how they are doing and how you can help, help with ER, encourage them, strategize, answer comp plan questions, etc.).

3. Earn one point for each home party, meeting, seminar, teleconference, or online class you host. Remember, if they sign up for ER during the class, you have the opportunity to earn even more points! So be sure to invite your current members to attend too! Whoever earns the most points, wins!You Can Do This dreamstime_xs_35019765

In the case of a tie, Personal Volume (August PV, not OGV!) will be the tie-breaker.

And, remember, if you participate with gusto, no matter who wins, you will increase your confidence, make good building habits, likely up your OGV, and build your business!


*Only members of the Common Scents team are eligible to win. Members must keep a written record of their progress, including the names and member numbers of any new ER enrollees, and submit it to me by midnight CST, September 1, 2014.

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