Coeur d'Alene Resort

Young Living Silver Retreat 2013

In 2012, James and I advanced to the rank of Silver with Young Living; so, in celebration, they invited us to an all-expense paid trip to Northern Idaho for their annual Silver Retreat. It was spectacular!

It has been such a blessing and honor (not to mention a lot of fun) to help people learn how to use their oils and experience their valuable health benefits.

I wanted to share a few highlights from our trip. Here is our room…


In front of the couch there are glass doors opening onto a balcony with a beautiful view of Lake Coeur d’Alene.


The evening we arrived, after settling into our room, we ventured downstairs to the recognition dinner where we were greeted by Jared Turner, the Chief Global Sales Officer at Young Living. He was working the “NingXia Red Bar” and prepared our NingXia Red with the Slique blend, frankincense, and orange essential oils! I was skeptical of the concoction, but it was really good!

And the whole room smelled amazing! In fact, the whole hotel was “aroma-cised” from our little group! Every time we got on an elevator, we could tell other Young Living distributors had been there before us!

silver evening

The food was delicious, elegantly displayed, healthy, and gluten free! Yum! And, for dessert, we had frankincense ice cream!

The next morning, we met for breakfast where Young Living had reserved one of the hotel’s lake view restaurants. The omelets were amazing! Fresh fruit, smoked fish, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, and once again, the iced NingXia Red flowed freely!

Next, we headed to St. Marie’s Lavender Farm! All aboard!


On our bus, Craig Aramaki, the new Chief Marketing Officer for Young Living, hosted a great Q&A on the way to the farm.

The views on the drive spoke of the splendor and beauty of God’s creation!


Once we arrived, they had lunch waiting for us. Yet again, the food was excellent, healthy, and gluten free!


Loved the creative table decorations!


After lunch, Gary Young shared a bit about Young Living’s history.


I was honored to meet Mary Young, co-founder of Young Living (that’s James photo-bombing us in the back ground!).

I’d love to have her beauty secrets! At 67, I couldn’t find a wrinkle on her face (and, yes, I looked! Is that weird?).  I was amazed when I heard that Mary had her first child at age 54 and her second son at aged 58! She claims Young Living oils and products helped keep her young, fertile, and healthy!


After lunch, we wandered down to the distillery.



The large bags in the photos below are filled with sandalwood shavings.






While some of the Silvers enjoyed the hot tubs filled with essential oil-infused leftover water (hydrosol) from the distillation process, others of us wandered the farm, took photos, and enjoyed the peaceful walk back to the lodge where we were to have dinner that evening. Look! I even caught a rainbow with my phone!


Saturday, Young Living planned a rafting trip down the Spokane River. James and I elected to stay at the hotel and relax. Since a member of our team, Robin Phillips of Grasping the Essence,  lives in Northern Idaho, we met for several hours talking to him about how we can help him grow his business!

He even brought us essential oil-infused truffles that he had made with his son. They were excellent! Thanks, Robin!

Later that evening, we enjoyed a quiet, belated anniversary dinner, focusing on the many ways God has blessed us through our involvement with Young Living.


We were impressed with the openness of the management team, the sincerity of Mary and Gary Young, and the commitment to quality in every phase of the production process. Visiting the farm was a visible reminder of Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” advantage. It made it all real.

We are very thankful for God’s gift of essential oils, and how Young Living is dedicated to bringing only the best products to homes like ours. They have made an incredible difference in our family.

We invite you to do what we did just a couple of years ago – become a wholesale customer! And, because of Young Living’s generous referral bonuses, you may wake up one day to discover you have an “accidental home business.” And, you may also may find yourself at a Silver Retreat in the very near future!

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