Bad breath is embarrassing, but have you ever taken a look at the list of ingredients in some of these products? Still. There’s nothing quite like the cool, crisp feeling of inhaling through your mouth after using a good, strong mouthwash. Having good breath is a good goal for the day! Thankfully, when you use either… Read more »

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that you are actually ingesting whatever lip balm you put on your lips? That could actually be pretty disturbing, depending upon what you’re using. My recipe is safe enough to eat (though I don’t recommend taking a bite).  And it’s not only easy to make, it’s also… Read more »

One of the things I love about using Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils is that I trust their purity so much I’ll even use them in recipes we can “eat.” My girls and I had fun this morning whipping up a batch of Sweet Breath Sprays for gift giving! Aren’t these bottles adorable??? The… Read more »

One of the great things about our Young Living business is the fact that we can now afford to do a few things we used to only dream of doing. Last summer, our family headed south to Branson, Missouri for a much-needed family retreat at a beautiful, secluded vacation home that included a private, salt… Read more »

When our family began to purge our home of toxic chemicals, one thing I dearly missed using was my perfume collection! My husband used to travel around the world on business. And, when he did, he would bring home all sorts of exotic perfumes for me, encased in ornate bottles that I would display upon… Read more »

  I have been known to be a little paranoid about “choking hazards,” so I’ve never been a fan of throat lozenges, especially for children. That’s why this throat spray is my favorite! And it can be used as needed throughout the day or night. I love that! Are you in a choir? This spray… Read more »

I grew up in Southeast Texas where it was too hot to go barefoot – though we did it anyway (just had to avoid the sidewalks). Frosty lemonade. Hot inner tubes on a cool river. Slides you couldn’t touch until evening (literally). Seat belt burns. Melty popsicles. Fire ants. Sandcastles. All these things were part… Read more »

After a long day, imagine laying your head down on a fluffy pillow lightly scented with your favorite essential oil. Spray pillows, sheets, towels, washcloths, stuffed animals, and bedspreads. You may also choose to use it as a room or bathroom freshener. I spray the guest towels in the bathroom and it lightly scents the… Read more »

All my life, I had hair that was on the verge of being oily. I had to wash my hair everyday, or it would look greasy and flat. Then I hit 40. Actually, I moved up north from the Gulf Coast and hit 40 simultaneously. Literally, our first Sunday at our church here in the… Read more »