Vetiver and Emotions

Remember the old “Calgon, take me away” commercial from the 70’s? That lady didn’t need a bubble bath; she needed vetiver! Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of an introvert, but I can go on overload when I’m around crowds for too long. I also have the same reaction to loud or chaotic music or noise.

So, when I get that “feeling”, or when one of my children is having a tough time focusing or is feeling overstimulated by his/her surroundings, we apply a little vetiver to the bottoms of our feet, ankles, and temples (undiluted). Then we inhale what remains on our hands. I love the relaxing result!

A Mother’s Best Friend

A few years ago, I ordered it for one of my daughters who often struggles with sensory overload. When we first opened the bottle, we weren’t sure what we thought; but, once we applied it, we were captivated by the mysterious scent, and found that we really loved it, especially because…it worked!

Many parents believe that vetiver essential oil (along with a lot of love and nurturing) is a miracle maker. It is making a huge difference in the lives of multitudes of struggling children.

Vetiver is a very dark and viscous (thick and syrupy) essential oil. The aroma is earthy, sweet, and full of life! It reminds me of an early morning walk through a lush green forest filled with damp grasses, ferns, and wild herbs. Like myrrh, vetiver oil has excellent fixative properties; that’s why it’s often used in perfumes.

And Vetiver has a calming and soothing effect making it a great choice for those needing to be calmed or who need a good night’s sleep! Just apply it to the bottoms of your feet and/or temples about 30 minutes before going to bed! Or, rub a drop in your hands and cup your hands over nose and mouth and inhale deeply.

The Change of Life

The closer I got to fifty, the more sensitive I became to noise, crowds, and chaos! I finally related to what one of my daughters had struggled with for years! Once I discovered vetiver, we felt like shouting about it from the roof tops! There’s a reason we nicknamed this amazing blend the “Anti-Psycho-Chick Oil!”

Since vetiver is so thick, and because I only use it topically, I go ahead and dilute it with avocado, jojoba, or sweet almond oil and put one of Young Living’s stainless steel roller balls on the end to make it easy to apply.

And, on those days when I’m super busy and my nerves feel like they’re on the outside of my skin, I roll a little bit onto my temples and wrists and inhale the exotic aroma. Mmmmm…

Even if you don’t think you need vetiver yourself, it’s a good oil to have on hand when friends come to visit! You never know who you may wind up helping! And what a great gift idea for an overwhelmed stay-at-home mom! Spread the love!

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