Business Downloads

Feel free to download and use the following team-exclusive printables for your own business, but please do not post links online.

loyalty reward demo sheet

Demonstrate to new members how much money they can save (and how to earn the most) with this handy printable (front and back) demo sheet! Click the image to the left to download.

wellness roller table sign

Visit my vendor table conversation to find out how to use this handy downloadable table sign at your next vendor event to generate interest, create an interactive experience, and bring in new customers! Click the image to the left to download.

Dirty Hippie

Whether you’re using this roller for sleep, stress, or a “hip” perfume, you’re going to love the overall affect!  And feel free to download the

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Stinky Kid Spray

Free Downloadable Label Click the image above to download a sheet of these labels for FREE! Order 1″ labels HERE. Labels fit 2 oz. glass

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Bougie Lemonade Bar

A bougie Lemonade Bar can be made with or without alcohol, and it can easily accommodate a sugar free diet! All recipes include my simple

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Homemade Simple Syrups

I got tired of trying to find organic flavored syrups without all the nasty dyes, corn syrup, preservatives, and fake flavorings! I found a few,

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To get started using therapeutic-grade essential oils with your family, I recommend purchasing Young Living’s amazing Premium Starter Kit & get personalized help from me! Learn more here.

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