Not sure if I should be more disturbed by the synthetic chemicals I was putting on my lips all those years, or the damaging marketing message Maybelline fed me during my teen years. Either way, if my girls want lip gloss, we’ll make our own. Here’s a recipe for you… Remember when “Kissing Potion” was… Read more »

I was one of those odd moms who actually liked the smell of Desitin. I don’t know if I mentally attached it to the fun of squooshy babies or what, but I thought it smelled good! However, as I learned more about the dangers of putting various chemicals on my family’s skin, my thoughts went… Read more »

Yes, you can do this! I think this recipe is my favorite essential oil-infused concoction so far. Maybe it’s because it took me so long to perfect. A few days ago, I got it nearly just right; then, the next day, after 3 attempts to duplicate it, I nearly gave up! Failure, after near perfection,… Read more »

In the McDonald household, the walking stage is not only a developmental milestone, it is also an indication that a child has graduated from “kissable flower-feet”status to “big kid stinky-feet status.” Walking on the dirty ground, shoes, flip-flops, and sweat all contribute to smelly, dry, and often sore feet. Especially in winter, dry, cracked feet… Read more »

Good old fashioned soap and water is best, but what about when it’s not available?  The following information regarding some of the dangers of popular hand sanitizers came from Dr. Mercola’s site and might make you consider your choices more carefully. (At the bottom of this post, I’ve included a recipe for making your own… Read more »

Toothpaste should taste good; and it should taste good because it contains natural, plant-based ingredients. This recipe is super, super easy and inexpensive. Even my youngest children can make it. I have this weird thing with gagging when I brush my teeth (it’s really bad when I’m pregnant). If I’m brushing my teeth and my… Read more »

Why use air fresheners that don’t actually “freshen” the air? Most popular (and expensive) room sprays contain harmful chemicals that mask odors and often give people headaches. Why not make a natural room spray that smells better, is less expensive, and contains heavenly, natural scents, instead of harmful, synthetic chemicals! Room Spray 1 oz. vodka vegetable… Read more »

Watch the How-To Video Below! With so many deodorants and other health care products loaded with harmful chemicals, some of which are linked to Alzheimer’s disease, allergies, and even breast cancer (Read More HERE), I’d say it’s time to get back to basics and learn how to take care of our families with wholesome, natural… Read more »

This breath spray is easy to make and totally natural! While you may want to experiment with various oils, therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil alone works great! Dragon Breath Spray 1/2 oz. vodka 1/2 oz. purified water 1 tsp. honey 2 drops stevia 10-15 drops of Young Living’s therapeutic grade peppermint or cinnamon essential oil… Read more »