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My website contains a ton of DIY recipes, but the following page contains a selection of our most popular go-tos when people are first getting started! Feel free to check out my shopping page for bottles and supplies making many of my favorites! And be sure to get your oils HERE

If you make an oil purchase through my link for the first time, please be sure to let me know right away because I have a free gift for you!

NOTE: All the oils on my website refer only to Young Living essential oils. This is the only brand I recommend, since so many oils on the market today can actually be toxic.


I have been known to be a little paranoid about “choking hazards,” so I’ve never been a fan of throat lozenges, especially for children. That’s why this throat spray is my favorite! And it can be used as needed throughout the day or night. I love that!


Why use air fresheners that don’t actually “freshen” the air? Most popular (and expensive) room sprays contain harmful chemicals that mask odors and often give people headaches. Why not make a natural room spray that smells better, is less expensive, and contains heavenly, natural scents, instead of harmful, synthetic chemicals!

Aroma-Therapy dough

This would be a great DIY project for the kids or grand kids! It also makes a great teacher gift, or unique hostess gift! Couple it with a bottle of essential oil and a recipe card! Or just make some for yourself! Use Aromatherapy Dough to de-stress, to relax while in traffic, during study, or take a jar with you to counseling sessions!

Diffuser Bombs

Make some gorgeous diffuser bomb blends to set beside your diffuser for convenient refills!


Soothing Cuticle Balm would make a thoughtful gift for the ladies in your life: daughters, mothers, neighbors, teachers, friends. Packed with wonderful nutrients, this balm is certain to bring relief to dry and cracking cuticles!


The more I learned about the way our skin absorbs everything we put on it, getting into the blood stream and wreaking havoc upon our health and hormones, the more I desired to get my hands on the “real stuff.” Thankfully, I found out I could make my own perfume, which is not only healthier and less expensive, it also smells better than the fake synthetic scents I had gotten used to. Ever since I “detoxed” my life, I can’t stand the smell of “synthetic,” and I can detect it a mile away!


My lip balm recipe is easy, good for you, and great for your lips! And not only is it inexpensive and easy to make, it’s also safe enough to eat (though I don’t recommend taking a bite).


Bath Shots!

Bath Shots, Tub Tea, or Tub Tubes…what’s the difference? Not much once you’re soaking in a steaming tub of intoxicating aromas soaking up all those

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Dirty Hippie

Whether you’re using this roller for sleep, stress, or a “hip” perfume, you’re going to love the overall affect! And feel free to download the

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Stinky Kid Spray

Free Downloadable Label Click the image above to download a sheet of these labels for FREE! Order 1″ labels HERE. Labels fit 2 oz. glass

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Get Rolling!

One of my favorite ways to use my oils is in a roller blend! This is a wonderful way to create custom blends based on

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Garden of Prayer

God gave us our five senses for a reason. During communion we taste the water and the wine. He could have made everything taste the

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Bumps and Bangs Spray

Having raised ten children, I am well acquainted with the fact that bumps and bangs, especially while raising children, are just part of life. Essential

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Hard Day? Relax!

When your husband says, “Honey, it looks like you had a difficult day; what can I do to help you relax?” Hand him this recipe

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Dreamy Bath Recipes

These are some of the easiest and useful homemade essential oil recipes you can make. Your kids will have a blast helping out with these! Use

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Sizzling Fun Sun Spray!

12 drops Young Living Therapeutic Grade Lavender 6 drop Young Living Therapeutic Grade Frankincense 2 drops Young Living Therapeutic Grade Copaiba 2 oz. Quality Aloe

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Lemon Thyme Throat Infusion

This recipe is great for a hostess, teacher, or “just because” gift. Or include it in a winter-comfort gift basket, along with dried soup, a mug,

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Make Your Own Dusting Powder!

With all the reports about the questionable use of talcum powder, why not make your own body powder? It’s economical, natural, customizable, and easy! Package

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Ease the Itch Bath Soak

  This recipe hardly needs an explanation. Moisturizing Winter Bath Soak 9 drops lavender essential oil 6 drops geranium essential oil 6 drops chamomile essential oil 4

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Sweet Breath Spray

One of the things I love about using Young Living’s Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils is that I trust their purity so much I’ll even use

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Stacy’s Tingle-Sense Blend

Back by popular demand! 12 drops Frankincense 10 drops Cypress 10 drops Geranium 8 drops Lavender 4 drops Helichrysum 2 drops Juniper I applied this neat, but

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Stinky Kid Spray!

I grew up in Southeast Texas where it was too hot to go barefoot – though we did it anyway (just had to avoid the

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Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray!

After a long day, imagine laying your head down on a fluffy pillow lightly scented with your favorite essential oil. Spray pillows, sheets, towels, washcloths,

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Baby Bum Diaper Balm

I was one of those odd moms who actually liked the smell of Desitin. I don’t know if I mentally attached it to the fun

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Homemade Hand and Foot Balm

In the McDonald household, the walking stage is not only a developmental milestone, it is also an indication that a child has graduated from “kissable

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Mom’s Homemade Toothpaste

Toothpaste should taste good; and it should taste good because it contains natural, plant-based ingredients. This recipe is super, super easy and inexpensive. Even my

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Essential Oil Room Spray

Why use air fresheners that don’t actually “freshen” the air? Most popular (and expensive) room sprays contain harmful chemicals that mask odors and often give

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Dragon Breath Spray

This breath spray is easy to make and totally natural! While you may want to experiment with various oils, therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil alone

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